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Why support Team R8?

As you can see, this forum doesn't have any advertisements.

This rule is our biggest priority because to us, a free-adds website is more user friendly.

On the other hand, we still face some fees that we need to pay to keep our services availables.

Our financial costs:

  • Private servers renting (PulseHeberg) located in France.
  • The forum usage licenses (Invision Power Services)
  • The domain name : Team-R8.com
  • The SSL security certificates
  • The storage for the forum's backup.

This is why we appreciate any kind of donations to help us to keep Team R8 online.


If you choose to donate by check or bank transfer, please send a private message to Thom@s

  • Donation Stats

    Total Donors
    390.00 EUR
    Total Donations
    500.00 EUR
    Total Goals
    390.00 EUR of 500.00 EUR
    Latest Donation
    11/01/2022 · 10.00 EUR